This might not go how I want it to but mutuals describe yourself and shit on anon and imma see if I can guess who you are


Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters


shoutout to all the hufflepuffs and ravenclaws who only get a quarter of the merch opportunities as everyone else


pretty self explanatory… These are my mains, my day ones, my cool cats I don’t knowwww to be honest. These are the people I talk to most or are most interactive with… With that being said about 2650 of y’all won’t be on here, but either way I appreciate you fam. I’m not getting all sappy rn bc it’s too early for all that but I care about you guys so if you know, you like need something (within reason, don’t get greedy) I got you. *pushes cassette tape in and cheetah sisters song plays*

(No order or excessive effort. Sorry I’m shit lol.

dumbassliam gaylmao hasnochill hasthma harrystylesisthedickguru fuckboyzayn lukekink poundtownonthepaynetrain wellingtonvevo donthaz antichrist-styles whatiwouldsaytoyouifiwasfearless justinftzayn punchcalum bambiau mrzayn tomscasta englisharry ww3tour nothisisbeyonce cockblocksquad

ayyyyyyyyyyy thanks boo!